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Welcome to Shimal Oil.
RgfqerKindly we inform you that our company
was established since year 1988 and we permitting form
both Iraq Government and Kurdistan region Government,
We have experience about construction,supplying and every engineering projects .
We have aproper staff for execution the projects and we worked
with OFDA organization and many of UN-agencies under SCR 986 .
We have a branch in Baghdad,
so we glad for your collaboration with our company.

Shimal Oil depicts a creation story.
We started small but thought big.
Our modest approach to growth has been the cornerstone of our corporate
culture. That doesn't warrant being risk avert, yet treading on firm ground has always been, and will always be,
our forwardlookingroadmap. I remember like it was yesterday when I
started an investment in a fuel station back in 1989 amidst sarcasm.
When I put all I had in one fuel station, I wasn't actually "putting my eggs in different baskets". Nevertheless,
having been haunted with the scare of failure rendered me
addicted to success, simply because failure was not an option to entertain. My constant and persistent
adherence to pushing my investment forward was my biggest support,
I was sure about the direction and didn't really care aboutthe speed. Eversince,
mypassion has been placed in making this a reality.
Today, look back and see tremendous glory in what AS has become,
yet it is the value set that l adore the most.
I wish this to be carried on at the same pace, or better, to put AS on the Kurdistan Oiland Gasmap.

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Address: Iraq - Kurdistan Region - Erbil 100m Street Nearby Family Mall.

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Abubaker Shekh Mamudi
Tel: +964 (0)750 445 24 41
+964 (0)770 445 24 41
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